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Name: Constance Chirumiko Company: Constance Picnic Blankets

Covid has affected my personal life and family by:

Covid-19, like any other catastrophe came without warning, its disturbed and changed life as we all know it, globally. It does not matter where one is in the world, every person and every business has a story to tell about Covid-19 and its effects. My business and personal life and that of my family have not been spared. I was forced to close my business, like many other businesses and this has led to a loss of income. Loss of income for myself and those I work with goes beyond more than just individuals, as our family’s whole livelihoods depend on our business. The loss of business is a shared loss as the blow is felt by us all.

What is your dream/wish? Dreams are an outcome of our desired future. Growing up I have had different dreams, from academic inspired dreams to gifts and talent dreams. But as I grew older, acquiring new skills and perfecting my talents as well as understanding the world at large, my dreams have changed. At this point in my life, my dreams and wishes do not revolve around myself. My wish now is for the girl child and woman to take space in the world and contribute to the general outcome of our world. I dream that women take their place in areas historically reserved for males and be given the same opportunities as the male counterpart. I wish the world embraced women as equal human beings and involved her in issues that shape us as people.

What inspires you? I am inspired by many things in this life, the great exploits made by other people that shape the whole world and change the course of humanity. We have a lot of greatness in different aspects of life. Many people have invented things that have changed the world, and some have come up with solutions to the problem’s mankind has been grappling with forever. I am inspired by determination; I have seen men pursuing dreams that no one else believed in. I am inspired by the hope of better days and the pursuit of happiness. I am continually inspired by women taking space in decision making positions in business and politics. They are changing people's outlook on things. I am inspired by the idea of pursuing dreams and achieving them.

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