Moerida's story

Name: Moerida Abrahams

Company: Habits

As a single mom divorced for 13 years, being retrenched and working from home I must work twice as hard. The lock down is just making it that much harder. Living from hand to mouth and not being able to put money aside for a rainy day is tough.

My son matriculated in 2018 and my daughter started high school this year. Due to being retrenched my son could not go study. He now has a temporary job to help me save money so he can go study further and finish his electrical engineering.

My plans for the next 10 years, God willing, is to do my best in raising my youngest daughter. I want to give her the best education, that way she can lay a good foundation for herself.

I was raised without love. My mother regretted having me and father only acknowledged me after I was 32. Now I live a life of loving myself and telling my kids I love them.

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